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Can I purchase without a VAT number ?
The MAURI online store is dedicated to the B2B (Business-to-Business) market, thus a VAT registration number is necessary.

Do you have a physical address ?
The goods will be dispatched from our logistical center in Via del Lavoro, 7 at Olginate (LC), Italy.



How can I search for products on the website ?
If you know the item code, the search bar at the top of the page can be used. Otherwise there are three types of search methods to find products:
· search by product family using the menus on the left side of the screen
· search by type using product icons
· search by feature

Which details are displayed for each product ?
Once you enter into the product’s page, you will be presented with a range of information. The product details are not limited to technical data and dimensions, but also include documentation, test reports, and use of product diagrams when available.



How do I register myself ?
To register you can click HERE. The registration is very simple and free. It does not bind you in any way. Registering is needed to view the prices and to perform a purchase.

What happens after I have registered ?
Upon completion of the registration process, you will have access to the the prices. In the detailed list of products under each product group, you will find the price.
The menu on the right column will show your details.



How do we make a purchase on MAURI ?

Purchasing on MAURI is simple and intuitive. As a reminder:
Create an account. Keep in mind that you will need a VAT registration number.
Your account can be registered HERE. (Click on “Create an account”).

Before you will be able to make a purchase your newly registered account, it will need to be verified and then activated. After receiving an email confirming the activation of your account, you will be able to purchase.
To purchase, enter the website and “login” using your email and password.
Proceed to the desired product.

If the item is available you will find the link “Add to Cart”.
Clicking on that link will bring you to our assisted purchase page. If you wish to add other items, click on “Continue Shopping”, otherwise click “Continue” and you will be guided through the checkout phase. During this phase you will be asked to confirm your address, the forwarder for delivery, and the preferred payment method.
To facilitate your purchase, you can view the demo-video by clicking on the preview below.


anteprima video


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