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Cold Forging

We work wire (steel, nonferrous metals like aluminium) with a diameter ranging from 4 mm to 20 mm into solid parts, semi-hollow parts and hollow parts. These special parts can have length of up to 100 mm and a head or collar diameter of up to 25 mm.

Solid and semi-solid parts

The manufacture of solid and semi-hollow parts is based on customer-specific requirements.

Sleeves / Hollow parts

Sleeves are manufactured in different head and shank geometries. Thanks to economical production on our multi-stage presses considerable cost savings can be made compared with conventional turned parts.

Threaded parts

Internal or external threads can be manufactured both mechanically and by machine-cutting in finishing. These operations are called thread rolling, thread moulding or thread cutting.

Knurled parts

Machined parts can be manufactured with a radial or an axial knurl. These knurls are applied in the course of the pressing operation or in the downstream mechanical machining.

Ball pins

We manufacture ball pins with different part geometries (such as for example hexagon head or recessed drives in the ball head) for riveting, welding or screwing. This group of parts can be manufactured by ready finished with segment tools on our multi-stage presses.
Special machining processes such as induction hardening of the ball or thread locking can be implemented at the customer's request.

Metal plastic parts

The pressed cold-formed parts are fed by robot technology and form a keyed connection after plastic injection moulding.

Special parts

We manufacture on our multi-stage presses project-specific special and development parts which are realised using cutting-edge tool technology. Special profile wires can be used here or even non-standard designs can be pressed.

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