We CREATE solutions

High precision, resistance, reliability: we know Automotive sector needs and we know how to best satisfy them. The automobile industry can find in Mauri the partner it was looking for.


The perfect products for Automotive

boccola a saldare per automotive

Welded bushings

Welded bushings allow to obtain a connection point while keeping a good aesthetic after the welding. Mauri’s bushings can be employed in different areas an are perfect to be welded on metal parts.

parti speciali per automotive

Special parts

Mauri's research and development team is always ready to help you design and create complex parts through unique solutions.

parti speciali per automotive
perni per settore automotive


The pins in our catalogue were designed to guarantee reliability and durability. The range of pins by Mauri serves a variety of different purposes. Part functions range from wood connectors, parts that require riveting, to lift mechanism connectors.

cold forged fasteners

Mauri’s catalogue offers an extended selection of products designed for all the industry’s needs: a complete range, which comes from extensive experience and constant improvement in the field, to always be up-to-date.

We CREATE solutions

Every day we create new solutions to make your job more effective and your production processes more efficient: we share our know how to our customers for high-quality results.