We CARE about our world

Awareness and responsibility: every company should know that every action has an impact on the environment around us. For this reason, Mauri believes that it’s very important to deploy all the possible actions to minimize its environmental impact.
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The protection of our surroundings: a priority

Although traditionally a company's primary responsibility is to generate profit, its actions cannot overlook  being within an economic, social and environmental structure, and having specific responsibilities towards it. It’s no longer just a choice: everyone should embody and best actualize, with a positive and proactive attitude for a continuous improvement, also thanks to specific investments.

"We are doing our best to achieve all possible goals."

Green energy

In our plants we use only green energy coming from renewable sources, to guarantee the minimum possible impact on the environment. Moreover, we believe that green energy is not enough. It’s also very important to optimize the use of energy: this is why Mauri’s facilities are equipped with a DALI interface (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface), High efficiency lights with the ability to modulate the light according to the ambient situations and the presence of people. Our forklifts are also powered by electricity: over the years we have replaced the previous ones that required fossil-fuels.

The production of compressed air

The production of compressed air is one of the most energy-consuming process: for this reason Mauri has re-designed the pipes network of compressed air to optimize its layout, limiting the critical points that could cause leaks along the system.
The air pressure is controlled by specific sensors and the automatic shut-off valves, placed on each machine, allow to avoid air leakages during maintenance or downtimes. Awareness is fundamental in each energetic plan.

Water, a valuable resource

In our production processes a very limited amount of water is consumed every year. Mauri believes that the preservation of this important resource is a priority. All taps are equipped with motion sensors to minimize the use of water. We are working to be able in the future to recover water from compressed air system. 

Minimize waste and recycling

Mauri is specialized in metal wire cold forging. This process only employs the strictly necessary quantities of materials, with minimum to zero waste. Scrap is completely recycled. Many machineries also have a new system to filter oil so as to prolong its duration and reduce its usage.

Aiming higher and higher: the projects

Europe has set ambitious goals to be achieved in less than a decade: 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs Sustainable Development Goals) contained in the “2030 Agenda” which go beyond just the ecological aspect.

From the environmental point of view, the way forward for Mauri is very clear: the next important step is the installation of solar panels for the production of clean energy and the achievement of ISO:14001 Certificate.