AL01 PR12 Environmental, Energy, Safety and Ethical Policy - rev.01

In collaboration with its employees and their competences, F.lli Mauri S.p.a. creates fastening solutions which meet customers’ requirements. Full responsibility is taken towards qualiy, respect for the environment, a safe working enviroment, wellbeing of co-workers and partners, as well as their actions.

In order to be sustainable, the company’s activities are implemented and monitored by an integrated management system with the function to:
1.    Plan and execute production processes to respect deadlines, agreed quality parameters and costs, for the benefit of all those involved.
2.    Initiate a process of continuous improvement for reducing the enivornmental impact while taking into account the relation between costs and benefits. The focus areas are:
-    An integrated management system for handling waste which is shared by all coworkers.
-    An adequate usage of water to promote saving limited resources and improving the quality of surface water.
-    A continuous attention to emissions into the atmosphere with the goal of reducing their environmental impact. 
-    Respect for the environment in the logic of the Green Deal policies approved by the European Commission.
3.    Promote continuous improvements in energy efficiency by employing energy efficient products and services as well as developing ever more efficient technologies and practices. Energy consumption reduction is a fundamental decisive factor when:
-    Purchasing equipment or technologies for all activities
-    Designing new processes
4.    Ensure the highest regard for the health and safety of all employees by reducing risks. All employees are involved to:
-    Prevent and reduce accidents as well as work related illnesses of all present in the working environment.
-    Guarantee that work areas are safe and ergonomically fit for purpose.
-    Protect the health of employees through medical evaluations.
5.    Reject the employment of children or minors 
6.    Reject the employment of forced or coerced labor
7.    Not to employ prisoners neither in our company nor in those of our suppliers
8.    Respect the right to unionize and of collective bargaining
9.    Provide a fair salary and employement with reasonable working hours according to the law in a working environment that provides equal opportunity and does not discriminate based on gender, race, skin color, religion, sexual orientation, disability, marital status, age, nationality, descendance, origin, or other factors.
10.    Guarantee than no coworker may be subject to discrimination based on gender, race, skin color, religion, sexual orientation, disability, marital status, age, nationality, descendance, origin, or other factors.
11.    Implement and enforce company policies within the legal scope. If necessary disciplinary action may be applied in a transparent way guaranteeing that neither moral or physical coercion nor wage deductions are applied. Each employee that is subject to disciplinary action shall have the right to appeal.

F.lli Mauri S.p.a. recognizes that abuse (or improper use) of alcohol, drugs, smoking by employees negatively affects their responsibility to work productively and may also affect the productivity of other employees. Furthermore safety may be compromised.
The use, posession, and distribution of alcohol and illicit drugs not prescribed by a doctor on the property of F.lli Mauri S.p.a. is strictly prohibited and may be used as a basis for disciplinary action. The mutiple socioeconomic contexts with which F.lli Mauri S.p.a. interacts require the commitment of all to ensure that company activities are carried out within the limits of the law in a way which is honest, ethical, in good faith with respect to the interest of involved users, employees, coworkers and contractual partners. F.lli Mauri S.p.a. strives to organize its activies so that its employees and coworkers do not break the law nor conflict with public interest in away which may negatively affect the image and credibility of the company.

In the implementation of objectives, F.lli Mauri S.p.a. strives to:
  • Involve stakeholders and promote transparency
  • Raise awareness with employees, suppliers and customers about policies which regard environmental aspects, energy savings, and workplace health and safety.
  • Motivate employees to develop environmental responsibility, energy saving, and health and safety practices at all levels through access to training and information.
  • Promote dialogue between all interested stakeholders (public authorities, citizens, associations, etc.) by taking into consideration positions and activating adeguate platforms for participation to transparent discussions.
  • To stay informed about current and future energy usage, environmental, health and safety or legislation regarding workers’ conditions, be they mandatory or voluntary.
  • Guarantee the availability of all information and necessary resources to reach objectives.
The management deems the involvement of all coworkers as fundamental to overcome the challenges of workplace safetly, environment impact and efficient energy usage in order to reach objectives. Through these actions the company aims to increase its sustainability and competitivenes through reducing its environmental impact.

The efforts of all allows for the continuous improvement process which prioritizes preventive measures rather than corrective measures. Monitoring is conducted through appropriate auditing and control methods.

Garlate, 05/12/2022