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Microformer machine

New entry in F.lli Mauri's production

New entry in the F.lli Mauri SpA plant park. In fact, the company received and put into operation the Nakashimada MicroFormer machine which leads to product and process innovation.

“With the introduction of this header, a series of possible markets that were previously unexplored open up for our company. - explains CEO Luca Mauri - An example above all are micro screws for eyewear or electronics. These are areas not covered by us at the moment but which, thanks to the new machine we will be able to approach, expanding our business with respect to the "core" wood sector and other areas in which we are present in a consolidated way".

The possibility of producing micro parts therefore ensures F.lli Mauri SpA new outlets in the industrial applications for which these products are fundamental. But not only. Through cold forging, the Nakashimada MicroFormer machine allows for greater environmental sustainability - a theme in which F.lli Mauri SpA believes and constantly invests - as it avoids waste of material and energy compared to a traditionally used chip removal operation.