A F P - Advanced Formed Part
Euopean por FESR
Iniziative carried out under Axis VI - Investment Priorities 13i – Action RA3.1
Sustainable Investing 4.0 / Protocol IS0109585
Minister of Economic Development Decree 10 February 2022 / Directorial Decree 12 April 2022
“Funded as part of the Union's response to the COVID-19 pandemic”

Beneficiary: F.lli Mauri S.p.A.
CUP Code: C85H22001860008
Project amount: € 2.542.366,96
Grant amount: € 635.591,74 

Project description:

The project "A F P - Advanced Formed Parts," is part of the company's commitment to sustainable technological growth, aligned with the ambition to create value while minimizing environmental impact. With the A F P project, the company has set the following objectives:

  • Reduction of Work In Progress (WIP) from 30% to 50%, resulting in a significant decrease in downtime for substantial quantities of materials already ordered but not processable due to lack of production capacity.
  • Enhancement of product quality through the implementation of automatic quality controls, reducing manual sampling, process times, and increasing productivity and product reliability.
  • Energy consumption reduction by incorporating efficiency systems in new facilities aimed at reducing compressed air, electricity, and lubricant oil consumption.
  • Improvement of workplace ergonomics by automating certain previously manual processes.
  • Enhancement of employee well-being by introducing a completely revamped work method based on increased automation, efficiency, and performance of the new facilities, leading to a consequent reduction in physical and mental stress for workers.

In summary, F.lli Mauri S.p.A.'s goal with the A F P project is to meet production needs, improve employee well-being, potentially decreasing absenteeism by an estimated 10%, and reduce the environmental impact of its activities, creating a circular economy effect.

The A F P project aims to progressively automate the entire chain, incorporating technologies for cold forging and subsequent rolling and tapping processes vertically. This is achieved through sustainable technological growth, value creation, and environmental impact limitation.

Current results are promising: a 30% reduction in energy and lubricant oil consumption compared to traditional processes, a productivity increase of over 20%, and a noticeable improvement in product quality. The improvement in employee well-being, already perceived, will need verification over a longer time frame.

Another significant achievement of the A F P project is obtaining ISO 14001 certification. This certification has brought new awareness to the sustainability path that the company has undertaken with great determination, with the aim of arriving at an Environmental Declaration to be attached to the financial statement file already in the year 2025 in advance of those that to date are the EU's requests regarding sustainability.

The project also includes the installation of new electrical panels and the E-Power filter in the electrical hub, achieving a certified 3% consumption saving and laying the groundwork for future photovoltaic panel implementation in the next two years. All installations are interconnected with the EMS Energy Monitoring System, providing periodic reports on proper energy consumption balance.

Lastly, the implementation and use of Augmented Reality models, another activity within the A F P project, have allowed the company to establish solid digital foundations for providing training to new young co-workes in their first jobs.