AL03 DOCQ Quality Policy - rev00

The Management of F.lli Mauri SpA undertakes to pursue a policy that intends to put the Customer, both internal and external, at the center of the activity. The customer therefore assumes a central role for business success; to this end F.lli Mauri SpA has deemed it necessary to introduce and apply, as a guarantee of the correctness of its way of operating, a Quality Management System. To achieve this goal it is essential to deliver products, services and operate according to processes that meet the customer's expectations. In order to guarantee the best management of relations with internal customers, the Management wants to improve the internal communication system, in order to develop the culture of Quality within the company; in this perspective, the Management, aware that the quality of the product and of the service offered is the result of the quality of the collective's services, promotes and supports the training and improvement of the same, in order to direct all company activities towards achievement and maintaining the highest level of quality of products and business processes.

The Quality Policy is therefore aimed at creating the "culture of quality" aimed at customer satisfaction (internal and external) and the pursuit of continuous improvement in the entire corporate structure. With the commitment to achieve this, the company intends to be recognized as a leading company in the reference market.
F.lli Mauri SpA has defined its general objectives for Quality as follows:
  • Implement and maintain a Quality Management System
  • Identify market trends in order to assess trends, risks and opportunities
  • Organize and coordinate the implementation of business processes through appropriate planning activities in order to ensure compliance with the deadlines, in the terms and in the manner defined by the company in accordance with what has been agreed with the customer
  • Ensuring the maintenance of a modern and functional infrastructure, in step with the needs of the market
  • Establish a clear and profitable relationship of collaboration with suppliers, in order to maintain a high quality standard in products and services, with the result of a mutual benefit
  • Respect the laws, social, environmental and safety and health regulations of workers
  • Ensuring the maintenance of a stable qualitative and economic level of a range of products capable of meeting all customer needs
  • Periodically review the Quality Policy to assess its suitability, making any changes, in order to ensure the pursuit of the goals of continuous improvement.
Based on these general objectives, the Management establishes specific objectives documented by the document "M03 PR12 Objectives and quality indicators". To achieve these objectives, it is essential to ensure that the Quality Policy is understood, implemented and supported by the staff.

In order to implement a correct application of the continuous improvement concept within the F.lli Mauri SpA, the Management activates tools such as:
  • internal audits
  • business context analysis
  • analysis of risks and opportunities by process
  • analysis of the needs and expectations of the interested parties
  • non-compliance analysis
  • management review
  • activation of corrective actions
  • identification and updating of the legal prescriptions and of any subscribed provisions to ensure that continuous improvement is used as a tool to increase the internal effectiveness and efficiency of the organization and to improve the satisfaction of Customers and other interested parties.
All the collaborators of F.lli Mauri SpA are informed about the company objectives in terms of Quality and continuous improvement (through individual deliveries and / or exhibition documents on company notice boards) and must actively participate in the pursuit of them; for this purpose, the collective shares the objectives and undertakes to maintain them.

Quality is considered a fundamental and indispensable value for the success of the company.

Date: 01/24/2019