AL04 DOCQ Supply Chain Security Policy - rev01

F.lli Mauri Srl has adopted a Supply Chain Security Management System, in compliance with the international standard ISO 28000, in order to secure all the processes involved in its Supply Chain.
For this purpose, it has set the following general objectives:
  • ensuring physical security of the Organization’s facilities included in the scope of standard ISO 28000 and ensuring physical security of employees and goods;
  • access controlling;
  • implementing, managing and applying specific security procedures in order to guarantee the security of employees and goods;
  • promoting stakeholders’ awareness about their individual security-management-related obligations;
  • ensuring a continuous improvement of the performance of the Supply Chain Security Management System.

Therefore, F.lli Mauri Srl has committed to planning, implementing and continuously improving its Supply Chain Security Management System, which fulfils the requirements established by:
  • standard ISO 28000
  • current applicable legislation
  • regulations and statutes to which the Organization has adhered
  • its customers, including other interested parties.
The present policy is aimed at providing the Organization and all stakeholders with a common reference framework for them to act within, taking into account that:

a) the present policy is not intended to contrast with other organizational policies currently in place, but to be consistent with them and support them;

b) the security management team commits to:
  • identifying and assessing security threats to the Organization and its Supply Chain;
  • ensuring that the present policy is appropriate to those threats to the Organization which may affect its nature, its scale and its operations;
  • identifying specific security management objectives, targets and programs in order to implement and maintain the Supply Chain Security Management System;
  • verifying that all the security management-related aims have been achieved;
c) the present policy is communicated to:
  • all employees;
  • all business partners, stakeholders and other interested parties involved in the supply chain through the publication on the company website;
  • all visitors, who are provided with precise guidelines in order to make them aware of their individual security management-related obligations;
d) the present policy is reviewed by the Top Management periodically;

  • the present policy is also reviewed by the Top Management systematically and in case of other changes to the business scope of the Organization, which may affect the continuity or relevance of the Supply Chain Security Management System;
e) the present policy is approved by the General Management.

Garlate, 08 Sept. 2023